About Us

Nise Brand was established in 2003 by Toronto-born Michael Webb and Brandon Hylton-Head. As young black men coming up during the height of street-culture in Toronto, Michael and Brandon organically built a strong community of like-minded creatives who pushed boundaries, created platforms and worked consistently to spotlight and elevate their culture. Naturally, artists, hustlers and creatives from all walks of life found ripe opportunities for growth and collaboration through Nise Brand and the brand’s community. Since then, the quality urban apparel brand has experienced an extraordinary cult following and established a successful online shop. Embodying and empowering the unique style of diverse cultural creatives is what inspired and continues to guide the brand today. 

Our Mission 

Nise Brand maintains its mission to embrace positive community impact, and works to uphold this social responsibility. For over a decade, Nise Brand has been at the forefront of organizing and supporting local initiatives serving low-resource communities in Toronto. From organizing city-wide basketball tournaments to helping local youth fashion and talent shows, being active community allies lends to the depth and strength of their long-standing and ever-growing following. 

Our Store 

Nise’s flagship store is located in Toronto’s vibrant Parkdale neighbourhood, where community, culture and the city’s unique flair come together to embrace the authentic street style. Nise Brand boasts a unique and memorable signature logo on its iconic varsity jackets, tracksuits, shirts, tops and accessories. Each item is designed and crafted with high-quality emblems, lining, buttons, and hardware to exceed fashion standards. The apparel line is curated to highlight the timeless and groundbreaking elements of bold streetwear aesthetics.  

Since opening and establishing the brand in a bold and ever-changing industry, Nise has gained outreach and successful backing far beyond Canada's borders.

Making the shift from an authentically street, streetwear company available exclusively in select Toronto locations, to a fully online shop is finally making one of Toronto’s best kept secrets globally accessible.


- Nise World